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Sometimes it seems that a good diet and being in nature are enough for good physical health. But don’t forget that there are other things inside you that you can’t handle alone. In such cases, you must see a doctor and undergo preventive examinations.

Every household should have a first aid kit and some basic medicines in an emergency. But aren’t your medicines past their expiration date? At least once a year, check these data and return old medication to the pharmacy. And what else should not be missing in your home? You can read in our article 10 practical tips for independent living.

Logging in to the doctor

You register with a new doctor by signing an agreement on providing general outpatient care valid for at least six months. The first copy of this agreement is part of your medical records, and the second is given either to you as the patient or to your legal representative.


On the page, you will find, among other things, important information in the field of health care.

You can search for a doctor by the health district. You can find more information about the membership of doctors in health districts in the section Who is my general practitioner.

The doctor is not obliged to take every patient who asks for it. You can find more information about a possible refusal on the page Refusal to agree on a doctor’s provision of health care.

Also, look for more information about the procedure for changing your current general practitioner in the section Changing your general practitioner.

Preventive inspections

It is not for nothing that it is said that a preventive inspection can save a life. Don’t you know its value? These are the ten most common diagnoses that can be detected by a preventive examination and thus soften their consequences:

  • diabetes,
  • anaemia,
  • high blood pressure,
  • overweight and obese,
  • renal dysfunction,
  • liver dysfunction,
  • inflammation in the urinary tract,
  • heart rhythm disorder,
  • elevated cholesterol level,
  • colon cancer.

The insurance company currently pays for preventive examinations at a general practitioner for children and adolescents, a general practitioner for adults, a dentist, a gynaecologist and an obstetrician, a urologist and a gastroenterologist. Everyone should undergo these basic preventive examinations at least once every one to five years. You can read more about inspections on the website of the Ministry of Health. You will find a detailed description of who and how often is entitled to preventive inspection.

Pay attention to the dates of preventive inspections! If, for example, you do not regularly undergo a check-up at the dentist once a year, your expenses for examinations or dental procedures may be higher in the following year.

Always plan the dates of regular preventive inspections at the beginning of the year. Call your doctor and make an appointment with them. Don’t forget to write it down in your calendar!

Helpful advice for your health

The fees you pay at the doctor’s office differ from individual health insurance companies. Be sure to check out their packages. If you know that you want to use, for example, dental hygiene, see which insurance company can cover at least part of the fee. You can read more about health insurance in the insurance section.

Don’t forget that mental health, self care and sex education are essential in health and health care. You can also learn more on our website.

On the drift, we have one more recommendation for you on an exciting source of health information. In the Doktor má Filipa podcast, you will learn more about this topic pleasantly and funnily. The show’s guests are doctors and other health professionals from various fields.