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The process of becoming independent, moving away from parents, setting up a bank account, dealing with stress and anxiety and managing everydaylife can be challenging. There are many questions that arise along the way and many information we learn too late, wishing someone has told us before. Our goal is to help young people enter the world of adulthood as ready as possible and this website provides verified information and educational content to do just that!

It also focuses on sharing knowledge among teachers and youth workers with whom it collaborates on creating methodologies that improve the quality of information among young people. AdultLife answers young people’s questions about day-to-day issues as they enter adulthood from five different areas – employment, financial literacy, housing, health care and civic participation.

The European Union, the Erasmus+ program, and NIVAM support the project. AdultLife consists of organisations from three countries:

AdultLife is funded and supported by:

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