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When looking for a job, you go through several steps. First, you need to find out what you want to do, where you can do it, and finally, how to get the chosen job.

Where to look for job offers

There are many Internet portals, Facebook groups and advertising sites. The most widespread portals collecting job offers not only in Slovakia are, and The portal is also interesting, where you can find volunteer opportunities or internships in addition to job offers. There are also specific groups on Facebook where you can find work and offer your own workforce. These groups are usually called very simply, for example, Brigades in Bratislava, Work in Košice (Brigády v Bratislave, Práca Košice) and similar.

Do not forget that your journey does not end with finding a suitable offer. You can advance and learn within your profession or try something else. Everything is your decision, and nothing is final. Especially during the years of study, keep an open mind. These are the years in which you should gain experience, skills and knowledge. Look at the internship offer, for example, in the Erasmus+ program or think about volunteering. Such opportunities can prepare you for your future profession and give you many experiences and priceless memories.

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Start by volunteering

Many students work in restaurants, services, warehouses or factories. And there is nothing wrong with that. Every experience brings new lessons to your life, and you can learn much from it. Come on, wouldn’t it be even better if you managed to find a job in the field as soon as possible? However, you may run into a problem here because, at 23 years old, you do not have the 15 years of experience that the given position requires. Volunteering can help you.

A volunteer is a person who does not expect a salary for his work but can draw experience or contacts from it and, as a bonus, improve his surroundings. Expert volunteering is a separate category – we are talking about this if the volunteer works in the field they study or work in. For example, it can help with accounting, creating a communication strategy, or IT support. It all depends on what skill you want to develop. In addition to hard skills, you also improve soft ones – you learn to communicate, present, work with people or be a leader.

In addition, volunteering, and especially expert volunteering, also looks good on a resume and can often convince a potential employer. Sometimes this box can decide whether you or another applicant will be selected for the job. You can read more about volunteering and its benefits in the article Help yourself and others. You can read more about how you can get involved in volunteer activities in the article Volunteering – detailed instructions on how to get started. Discover the story of volunteer Emka, who found a job in the field thanks to volunteering!

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